-10 IQ NOOBS vs 300 IQ BO TROLL! Brawl Stars Wins & Fails #205

11 Avq 2020
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  • Colette is best

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  • Неег

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  • 😂😂

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  • Snscys

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  • 2:41 omg two pipers xd

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  • The intro Is si good

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  • 2:41 WTF????

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  • Top

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  • Bro your intro is fire

    Victor van der HeijdenVictor van der HeijdenAy əvvəl
  • How are THEY NoobS when they have super rare characters that you only get from getting a load of trophies like what Fuck

    donnarussell33donnarussell33Ay əvvəl
  • Leon and nani

    Jeson CasianoJeson CasianoAy əvvəl
  • azworlds.info/label/ZHqfpLmDrsjdlMc/video

  • Aeam kumel😍

    يوميات كمولييوميات كمولي2 ay əvvəl
  • You can see and my videos to learn how to play like a pro search Crow brawl star or click in my icon to see the video

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  • Mega box 6 gagt

    Poco JogaPoco Joga2 ay əvvəl
  • Yo le envie mi clip muchas veces no se pero no se que pasa

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  • Pumba did i send the clip MIDGEL ILAVA

    • My name

  • a

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  • Сrоw

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  • 2:43 and 2:56 sprout os a stuppid

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  • 7 minutes like 12k

    Alin Mosa / F Jamal Ghazi MousaAlin Mosa / F Jamal Ghazi Mousa2 ay əvvəl
  • That are not noobs

    Marianne PhilipsenMarianne Philipsen2 ay əvvəl
  • Niceeeeeeeeee

    Bayram enes AkkoçBayram enes Akkoç2 ay əvvəl
  • Leon

    Zsoltika GyonyoruZsoltika Gyonyoru2 ay əvvəl
  • 7:00 song pls

    колянTMколянTM2 ay əvvəl
    • Demons

      G W VG W V2 ay əvvəl
  • League of legends video pls

    Muammer KANARMuammer KANAR2 ay əvvəl
  • Help to funny

    Maheen AqeelMaheen Aqeel2 ay əvvəl
  • To funny

    Maheen AqeelMaheen Aqeel2 ay əvvəl
  • best brawler: crow he as fast strong and verry good

    Kenny AltingKenny Alting2 ay əvvəl
  • Leon

    Mpampis DernikasMpampis Dernikas2 ay əvvəl
  • Hey pumba, can you write the name of the songs in the description pls (how is the name of the song : oh oh ahh ah ah ah ah

    Charly lolCharly lol2 ay əvvəl
  • 3:14 I thought it would be a goal

    Charly lolCharly lol2 ay əvvəl
  • 0.37 OMG

    maria bourtsouklimaria bourtsoukli2 ay əvvəl
  • This is the top of the tops

    Brawl Stars Animation SeriesBrawl Stars Animation Series2 ay əvvəl
  • I gotta be honest, this is some pretty good animation!

    Brawl Stars Animation SeriesBrawl Stars Animation Series2 ay əvvəl
  • 3:41 Say whaaat 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    CoffeeAuntCoffeeAunt2 ay əvvəl
  • 06:32 Music 😢

    G W VG W V2 ay əvvəl
  • 2:58 что за мем?!

    Olegus YTOlegus YT2 ay əvvəl
  • 5:46

    Lerty _Lerty _2 ay əvvəl
  • If only bo could place more than 1 traps

    King Ru1ZKing Ru1Z2 ay əvvəl
  • 6:34 What is this song's name?

    ??????2 ay əvvəl
    • Demons

      G W VG W V2 ay əvvəl
  • Boris the wolf is from bendy amd the ink machine

    badok ytbadok yt2 ay əvvəl
  • What's tune is this at 5.06 ...plz tell me anyone

    NOISY BOYNOISY BOY2 ay əvvəl
  • 🠗🠗🠗 THAT`s HOW MANY people LIKE CROW P.S: you can send your BS clips to my channel

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  • 2:09

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  • 0:04 Leon !!!!!

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  • Crow

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  • #Agar.io!

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  • 3:45 I know Boris The Wolf Because that's my brawl stars account

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  • Hello Pumba, my nickname is slither.io "DikLu kills everyone :D"

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  • Pls next video soon

    Brawling with R.pant123Brawling with R.pant1232 ay əvvəl
  • You forgot to post how to submit clips lol But last time u posted

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  • RED WIN 7:05

    Mohmd YaseenMohmd Yaseen2 ay əvvəl
  • Me lol think that spike is the best brawler

    Kola YauKola Yau2 ay əvvəl
  • Lan ben turkum lan

    Hacer Gül IgdeHacer Gül Igde2 ay əvvəl
  • 5:05 this is ark song

  • I only see your videos

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  • Bro ek bar live khelona

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  • Who else from India B I N O D 😂😂😂😂

  • 8888th like

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  • This channel filled with 9 year olds lmao coppa take this down💀

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  • azworlds.info/label/pIGojrRultS309M/video

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  • "3:41" When anyone desire lots of those just use *brawl.website* super excited that it exist 📶

    Agrim KEDIAAgrim KEDIA2 ay əvvəl
  • Good bro

    Deepak SinghDeepak Singh2 ay əvvəl
  • 2:08 the laugh is terrific (good job pumba)can anyone tell me the laugh's name ,i mean where i can find it

    Sudeep MondalSudeep Mondal2 ay əvvəl
    • @Ismail - Gaming plz bro

      Sudeep MondalSudeep Mondal2 ay əvvəl
    • @Sudeep Mondal not important

      Ismail - GamingIsmail - Gaming2 ay əvvəl
    • @Ismail - Gaming can you plz name the laugh

      Sudeep MondalSudeep Mondal2 ay əvvəl
    • Work hard for it lol

      Ismail - GamingIsmail - Gaming2 ay əvvəl
  • Every time after I watch your videos it makes me to play brawl stars Like if u do the same 👇

    ThanosThanos2 ay əvvəl
    • Same

      Sxft MxnnieSxft Mxnnie2 ay əvvəl
  • 5:45 music name?

    Hetal GanatraHetal Ganatra2 ay əvvəl
    • Ark Star party and zookeepers

      Noglerk KanavaNoglerk Kanava11 saat əvvəl
  • Я русский поставь лайк посмотрим сколько нас таких

    миша playмиша play2 ay əvvəl
  • Hii guys I too have a new account for brawl stars in which i will be posting videos regularly Please go and see my channel and if u like the videos please like,share,subscibe and comment me how can i make it better or on which topics i should make videos Love u all guys❤

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  • 2:41 two pepper?

    I am謝嘉霖I am謝嘉霖2 ay əvvəl
  • 2:41 double piper?

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  • 8 minutes? Really??

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  • azworlds.info/label/ZYudjtSrusjTuqU/video hola soy youtube

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  • Play agar.io

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  • Why so short? Oh well, still as awesome as can be 😁😉

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  • Пумба ты русский?

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  • Surge 13-0! azworlds.info/label/m6dufKppsczIpJQ/video

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  • quem puder colocar o meu código no clipclaps esse é o código 4833700985 Deus abençoe vocês

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  • When you don’t see your clip.....

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  • Good video Pumba❤

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  • 3:05 Jacky: I will post this trickshot and funny moment to PUMBA, and get famous! :) Gale: Nope, this funny fail is my! Hahahaha!

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  • Intro is the best

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  • 4:10

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  • 3:60

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  • Agar.io plis pumba Like agar.io

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  • Me just watch pumba video to check my clip😕

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  • Awesome video

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  • İNTRO👌👌👌👌 GOOD

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  • 👍👍👍

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  • The best brawler is crow

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  • 3:15 AWESOME

    Santiago Ramirez quinteroSantiago Ramirez quintero2 ay əvvəl
  • Surge

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