1000 HAMSTERS IN AMONG US! Funny Moments Among Us #10

29 Okt 2020
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    • Did you know that I know big babee Real name.

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  • :V

  • You have very cool videos, continue in the same spirit! :)

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  • 😀O:-)^_^

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  • Brown susers

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  • Orange impoooosstooorr

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  • Dummy wihte

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  • I want to play with u

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  • Who did this

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  • 1:, u are super msb

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  • God

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  • Name

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  • My namecl in among us is GO AWAY

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  • I qm a god

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  • Guys if you watch pumba too much then you be the imposter. THnx

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  • How to get among us in windows 10?

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  • I good

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  • Oh my word I just noticed the Halloween decor in the game I didnt notice them before

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  • Ahhahaha

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  • Hahahaha so good video

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  • How do you play that game?

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  • haha, guess im a god

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  • you are a crack 👏👏💗

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  • Pro and God

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  • More among us

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  • So funny 😂😂🤣🤣

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  • Ai Love punba/timon

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  • Wheres 1000 hamsters?

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  • What

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  • Wheres imposter?

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  • And i speak chineis and English

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  • Hey pumba i saw your coment and um from japan 🇯🇵

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  • Me for Haker for God

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  • azworlds.info/label/iK2NZ66k3aio0Mc/video h

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  • @Pumba im from amung us 😂😂

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  • Elles sont trop bien tes vidéos

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  • Ils sont trop bien tes vidéos

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  • I love you PUMBA

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  • Imma prob noob and pro but I'm comment cause I like your edits

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  • I’m a fan

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  • Muy bueno el video yo sigo tus videos los veo y los sigo

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  • I love you pumba

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  • Among us funny moments is so cool

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  • I am your biggest fan in the world

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  • Pumba is this best

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  • in among us my name is creeper

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  • Pumba last week today among us has NEW YORK

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  • So you’re asking where I am from we are both in the same class.

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  • So how do you think

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  • Did you know that me and big babee are in the same school.

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  • Nice vid 😎😎😎

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  • Que buen video

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  • 3:42 Kia Malifa🤣🤣🤣

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  • I think you we're in my game

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  • I love among uss

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  • "I don't trust browns." LMAOOOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    • @Yoona Kim ur right

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  • You are the imposter! Injoy!

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  • Im blue

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  • Themkil

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  • I am a god now

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  • i still dont play

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  • So what happend in the second moment: Lime and white saw on cams that yellow was killing blue, Lime killed white so he cant say its yellow, Lime vented to electrical and was walking to admin, Lime was killing blue, wait a minut, yellow has killed blue earlier?!? Weeaarrdd!!!! This needs to come in a video!!!!!!!! About that, when lime killed brown as last, yellow wasnt by the victory!!!!

    Eléna's wereldEléna's wereld7 gün əvvəl
  • I LOVE PUMBA :D. Sofía

    Paola RossiPaola Rossi7 gün əvvəl
  • Let me get this straight. In 0:47, lime and white saw yellow kill blue on cams, so lime killed white. When he entered admin, moments later, he killed.... blue.... Also, moments later, when lime ran to o2, there was supposed to be blue's corpse, but there isn't... And when that game ended and the impostors won, lime was the only impostor.... Care to explain what you did there...?

    Αναστάσιος ΚαλατζήςΑναστάσιος Καλατζής7 gün əvvəl
  • hahaha

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  • I thought you were a good among us player but your a biden supporter sooo........ 😒😒😒 Trump 2020🇺🇸

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  • Mr NicK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Among URRS

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