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Gameplay by:
Turtle EZ
[GER] Marcel
F de Facu
Its_orozcoxd YT
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  • I just thought of all the editing and noises he added and how long it took. Thank you for the vids.😂

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    • i feel like there is toooo much sound effects.. ( imo ( in my opinion ) )

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    • Russell is Cool Yes very good editing

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  • Boogagingon

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  • The amount of sound effects in these videos give me brain damage

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    • Or1cat0 I know right

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  • Good content bro i hope i can get as much subs one day!

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  • lol i love this. Do more pls. I started editing in my vids!:D

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    • @Arya G I do

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    • no one cares

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  • Yeah neat video but maybe cut those random sound effects and edits down by like half and it would be better. Easier to edit and easier to enjoy.

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  • The most creative comment With this I should win XD

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  • 3:47 what's meme

    • I think its from Inside Out

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  • 0:44 he thanks the other players

  • 2:00 yeah definitely never happening to me... of five doors I'm gonna hit the correct doors last.

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    • Look for the smaller triangle.

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  • you can do tournament for guys that dont have fall guys

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  • azworlds.info/label/fG2dhbxl0Z3Qz70/video This is the mobile version of FALL GUYS

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    • @DuragRuben Fall Guys has CANDY in itself

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