*NEW* 2 WINNERS IN FALL GUYS!? Fall Guys FAILS & Epic Wins! #12

2 Sen 2020
90 504 Baxış

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  • Pumba is just uploading fall guys,for subscribers because it's a knew game and pretty popular This is my opinion i wasn't judging or nothing😂

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  • i was in a game and i met a hacker ......i left the game

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  • Pumba: Uploading Another Fall guys video. Me: Let's add a Kaomoji in the comments.. Also me: ╰(*°▽°*)╯ (I have made this as a fall guy, What do you think?)

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  • That happen to me and my friend

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  • Pumba was arrested because he drive Bad Police: papers Pumba:scissors and Pumba was win

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  • pumba

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  • No more brawl stars funny moments ? ;-;

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  • Anyone remember the agar.io days

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  • Fall guys bearly got made and it has famous people playing it brawl stars when is brawl stars gonna recover

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    • @Charjac true

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    • Yeah but at least brawl stars is consistent unlike fall guys

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  • If you have won in fall guys So you are luckier than me..! and if you did not buy fall guys also then you are luckier than me..! LOL..!! I am from India.

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  • Pumpa I remembered you playing agario what happened

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  • 1:10 so funny

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  • Wow good game .To manyyyyyyy glitches

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  • I think pumba will upload brawl stars in the next update..

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  • Brawl stars pls 😢👊✊

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  • 2:46 IQ 0

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  • PUMBA, what is with your old intro?

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  • 01:05 When you reached the 👑 you got eliminated. You like😕😕😕

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  • YA SE QUE COMENTAR Hello and welcome to the Brawl talk In this update have a skin for Brok and not to Rosa XD Se que escribí cosas mal, SÍ Y QUE 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

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  • In the fail at 1.44 yellow used el primo's gadget

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